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Sacred child academy

112D, kamal vihar,

Tiril road, kokar

Ranchi, Jharkhand, india. 834009

Email : infosca@sacredchildacademy.com

Letter from the Director of Admissions
      You are most welcome at the Sacred Child Academy or SCA, one of the best schools in Ranchi district. SCA was founded in November 2012 and we got a very good response from the parents and we look forward to start more new sections.
      On our fifteen thousand sq.ft. Campus, we offer classes for Play-Group, Nursery, LKG and UKG and STD I to STD V. All the teachers and staffs take care of children and give love and respect to all of them. I believe that the environment and the entire set-up of the school gives exactly what are needed for a healthy learning and for development of the children.
     I would request to visit the school, observe the classes in session and experience that difference for yourself.
Ratnam Horo

Director of Admissions
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