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Sacred child academy

112D, kamal vihar,

Tiril road, kokar

Ranchi, Jharkhand, india. 834009

Email : infosca@sacredchildacademy.com

Mission And Goals
     Sacred Child Academy is an independent, private, educational day school run by the trusts educating the student from pre-school starting from age 2 years.
        Sacred Child Academy offers the opportunity to experience an exceptional curriculum that lays the foundation for future success at the time of attending other schools. At every level of class a student learns the best things that flourish and attains the personal excellence which grow within the school community.
        Bound by the principles of communication, trust and respect a strong and caring partnership exists among the faculty, student and parents in Sacred Child Academy.
     The goals are set down with all its challenges and complexities which seem relevant and more urgently needed, they are:

• Proper care and education for children primarily.

• Work in partnership with parents to help children to learn and develop.

• Add to the life and well –being of its local community.

• Create a learning environment based on trust love and affection with all its students.

• Offer children and their parents a service which promotes equality and value diversity.

Sacred Child Acedemy